Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Will Power

This past weekend was fun and eventful. Saturday was my nephew Anthony's 1st birthday party. Let me introduce you....

As you can see, he wasn't shy about digging into his cake! He went wild and needed a bath afterward before continuing on with the festivites. I did not finish the hoodie in time - still working on it. But I brought him the new Tickle Me Elmo, which I'm sure he'll enjoy more than the sweater. This toy is hilarious! I think the adults liked it even more than the kids. It was a fun day for a very special little guy.

On Sunday, my amazing husband ran the Long Beach Marathon. This is his third marathon this year! Makes me tired just thinking about it. I'm his personal cheerleader. I have to say that standing on the sidelines watching all the runners cross the finish line is very inspiring. Makes me want to join in the fun...almost. I better start with a 5k and work my way up from there. Here he is after the event -

Here's where the will power came in. My will power anyway. After I got DH settled back at the hotel to rest for awhile, I thought I would take the opportunity to visit Alamitos Bay Yarn Company, the local yarn store. I had never been there before and had heard good things about it. The entrance alone is charming.

And who do you think I ran into?!

It's Marie from Pasadena SnB! This is the second time we've run into each other at a yarn store out of our area. The first time was at Velona in Anaheim. Clearly we don't mind a little road trip when it involves yarn.

Alamitos Bay Yarn Company did not disappoint. The store was warm and cozy, the yarn beautifully displayed and the staff was very friendly. I will definitely go back. There are several restaurants in the area to have lunch - next time I'll make a day of it and bring a friend.

So here's what I bought:

It's allhemp6 (100% hemp) in Brick. I bought enough to make this market bag. Jillian made one over the summer in a pretty purple and I've wanted to make one ever since.

I also bought the Dale of Norway pattern book. It's book number 171.

I want to make the sweater on the cover someday. And I bought some yarn for my secret pal, which was my excuse to visit the store in the first place.

(Big sigh) I didn't buy the Rowan Tapestry to make the Lady E wrap. Or the Dale of Norway Svale to make the sweater on the cover above. Or the beautiful Mountain Colors Bearfoot sock yarn in beautiful reds. Or the Lamb's Pride for various felted projects I would like to make (the store had a great selection of colors by the way). I could have done some major damage to the bank account, but I showed some restraint. But I'll be back.


mary said...

Ooh Marie is sooooo busted! I love the picture of her. Next time you go to ABYC, I want to join you! I've never been.

Lady Misty Morn said...

I swear it wasn't a planned trip. DH sent me to the yarn store to destress, and ABYC is one of the few that is open on Sunday's. I've nothing to hide....really I don't. I knew I was busted when I heard Annette, but even more so when she broke out the camera, ask the other Marie, I even confessed to her.

mehitabel said...

That's right, she did 'fess up. She's already knitted up and felted one of her purchases--and gave them away! Without taking pics, either, but I saw them so I'm the witness!

jillian said...

Busted!! Hee. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I actually don't care for that store much...but I know many do. I was there not too long ago, and I was wearing very, ummm, not-fancy clothing. Baseball cap, jeans, t-shirt and hiking boots. I had been participating in the Coastal Cleanup Day in Long Beach. I walked the entire store and looked at the buttons for a long while. No one greeted me until I was leaving, empty handed, and the employee/owner gal said "You don't have any yarn!". I said I didn't see anything I wanted!

Good luck on the market bag - it's a piece of cake! I wish I had seen that Dale book, I've admired that cover piece from magazine ads.

Madge said...

Love your photos of Marie and Anthony wearing his cake!

And I like the fact that yer hubbie does long distance running, and you do long distance yarn shopping. :)

Joan said...

Wow, what an admirable thing to do---running a marathon. And not just one but three----what a guy!

Your little nephew is a sweetie pie.

That was funny, your running into Marie. Just think all the shops she has in her future to check into up north.