Saturday, July 05, 2008

Catchin' up

Warning: this post is long.


A few weeks ago I went to Boise, ID to visit Jeff. He's been working there since February. I had never been there and wanted to see what it's like. One day I had the rental car while Jeff was at work. What does a knitter do in a new city with nothing but time on her hands? Yarn crawl, of course. The first stop was Puffy Mondaes, which is actually in Nampa about 20 minutes from Boise.

This is a great shop. It looks like it used to be a house. There are several rooms, including a kitchen where they have dye workshops. The staff is very friendly. Natalie was working that day and we talked about yarn and Ravelry. They have a good variety of yarns, including some I have never heard of before. I couldn't resist the Banana Silk.

It's made from the stalk and leaves of the banana plant. It's very rustic looking. The ply is uneven creating a thick/thin yarn. It comes in beautiful saturated colors, which is what attracted me to it. I had a hard time choosing, but in the end, I went with my favorite. I'm thinking it wants to become a scarf someday.

Next stop was Ewephoria, also in Nampa. A very nice yarn and quilt fabric shop. Since I'm a sucker for all things fiber, I bought this fabric.

Someday I'll use these to line felted bags. Or maybe sew them into bags if I ever learn how to sew (on my list of things to do). I especially like the one on the left.

My last stop was Fuzz in Boise. This was a nice space and the women working there were very nice. I didn't buy anything because they didn't carry anything different than what I can get from my LYSs here at home.

The knitters in the Boise area are in good hands. And if you ever find yourself there, you won't be short of LYSs to visit.


One day after work I called Jeff to let him know I was on my way home.
Jeff: "Milo got into your knitting bag and scattered your knitting all over the living room."
Me: "Did he unravel it?"
Jeff: "Not all of it."
Me: "Oh sh&t."

Luckily, he only unraveled the ball of yarn attached to the sweater I'm working on and not the sweater itself. Jeff said Milo looked very guilty when he found him lying next to the mess. It's a good thing he's so darn cute!


I'm in the home stretch on several projects.

The Noro sweater just needs seaming and then a crocheted border.

I'm almost finished with the last piece of the Cable & Rib Sweater. Then I'll have to sew it together, knit the collar and sew in a zipper.

Tulip Cardigan #2 just needs the border and the sleeves. I have to finish it this week, since my sister's shower is a week from today. Time to hunker down.

Happy 4th to those of you in the U.S. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and your knitting is close by.