Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ta Da!!!

I know I said in my last post that I would share yarn acquisitions with you, but the yarny goodness will have to wait. I have something even more exciting! Scroll down and be surprised...

Ladies and gents, may I present Pomatomus! Jeff and I were vacationing last week in Cabo San Lucas so I took them along for a photo shoot. This was taken from the balcony of our room. I was so excited to have finished these socks. I pranced around the house in them like Cinderella at the ball. Why am I so happy? Well...

#1 - It's an indication that I have my knitting mojo back.

#2 - They're my first pair of adult-sized socks.

#3 - I love them and they're pretty!

#4 - The pattern was fun to knit and kept me interested. I never got tired of knitting them. I was only eager to finish them because I couldn't wait to wear them.

#5 - It's a FO! I haven't turned out a FO since last summer (I think). Oh dear.

#6 - The Sock Bug finally bit. Socks are fun. And they feel so much better than store bought socks.

Pattern: Pomatomus Socks by Cookie A.
Yarn: Sundara's Blue Grape Hyacinth colorway
Needles: Knit Pick's Options DPNs US size 2 (2.75mm)
Start: August 2007
Finish: January 2008

I loved working with the Sundara yarn. It has a very nice feel to it while knitting and the finished fabric is soft and squishy. It's a good thing I like the yarn. Once you see my next post, you'll understand why.

I also finished my nephew's sweater. I just need to block it and then I'll have him model it for me.

My knitting group started a KAL for the Shedir hat on January 1st. The pattern can be found on Knitty. It was one of the fall surprises for that issue. I'm one of the last to finish but I'm making good progress and it's still January. I should finish in the next few days.

The stitch marker is from Zero Markers. I tried to get a close up of it, but my camera wouldn't cooperate. It's pink and purple with a fresh water pearl on the bottom. I've bought several sets of markers from this site. I consider it jewelry for my knitting. I'm using Rowan Calmer for the hat and I'm lovin' it. It's super soft. The hat is knitting up much faster since Mary showed me how to cable without a cable needle. Thanks Mary!

So January included a great vacation and lots of knitting. A good start for 2008!

Friday, January 04, 2008

And we're back.....

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, I've been a little bit absent, haven't I? Seeing that I haven't posted since September, it would take a novella to catch you up on the goings on around here, and quite frankly, it would be a boring read at that. So I'll spare you many of the details and suffice it to say that the holidays kicked me in the ass.

I work in retail, so for me, the holiday madness started in October with grand plans and preparation. And since I work in a cookware store, Thanksgiving is a huge holiday and we get busy earlier than most. By the time Christmas came around, part of me didn't care whether we celebrated or not. We did, of course. But the thought of picking up the phone and calling our family members and saying, "I'm sorry, but Christmas has been canceled over here. You'll have to make other plans. I'll be in hibernation for the day.", did cross my mind. I really felt like a grinch this year, which is so unlike me. I did manage to pull it together, however, and a good time was has by all . And in hindsight, I'm glad I didn't cancel on everyone. Next year I will try to do things differently so that the work demands don't effect my holiday spirit with friends and family. But I'll figure that out later. At this moment, I don't want to think about it.

Let's think about yarn, shall we? There was a little knitting going on here at the yarn addict's. Not a lot, but some.


I started the second sock for the second time. The first time I had knit the ribbing and the 22 row pattern only to discover I had followed the wrong chart. Doh! That's the thing about knitting. Just when you think you know what you're doing (because you've already knit the pattern once before) it reminds you that you don't, that you need to stay focused. And so, I ripped and started again. I have one more pattern repeat and then I can turn the heel. I'm still enjoying the pattern and I'm eager to finish so that I can finally wear them. The finished sock is super comfy.

Simple Sweater

This is Anthony's birthday sweater. He's the big 2 now!

I started this Sept. 15th, the day the Yarn Harlot visited LA. I didn't blog about it and now it's such old news that I'll just say, if you ever have the opportunity to see her in person, do it. She's fabulously witty, funny and entertaining. Oh yeah, the sweater. I finished the knitting about a month later and began to sew it up. And then I got swept up into the holiday vortex and here it sits. I think I should rename it a Valentine Sweater rather than a birthday one. It's deja vu. I'll still shoot for his birthday to ensure it will be done by V-Day. ; )

The grey cable and rib sweater has been in timeout. I've finished the back, one side of the front and both sleeves. Just one more front to go.

So many near FOs and all I can think about is what project to cast on next.

I'm not going to make any resolutions. Only that I want to be better. A better blogger, better at finishing projects, better time management, etc.

Next post: yarn acquisitions!