Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Good news/Bad news

(It's a mixed bag really)


I accepted a position on the management team at work. I really like the company and I love the product which makes it easy to sell.


It's full time, which means less time for knitting and less time getting together with my SnB sisters. : (


It does mean more money for buying yarn though! It's also at the store in the Santa Anita Mall, which means it's closer to Pasadena (come by and visit me!). So I can join the group on days that I have off and when I'm scheduled for the night shift. And I plan on it being temporary - just until DH and I have a baby - hopefully only a year or so away (less would be good).


It's a little crazy to take on right at the cusp of the holiday season. The store makes half of it's annual sales in December alone! So if I seem dazed and confused and look like I'm running on fumes - just send me some yarny eye candy for rejuvenation.


I'll repeat - more money to buy yarn! Yay!

Since I don't have any knitting news, I'll leave you with a picture. The bougainvilla in my backyard loves this time of year:

I'll try to have some knitting news up soon. Have a good week everyone!


mary said...

Congrats and darn darn and double darn! I'll have to come by and visit at the store.

jillian said...

Congrats! Which store are you with? Funny, I was just at the SA mall last night - got me some brand new walking shoes :)

Madge said...

A great big congrats!

Well, maybe one of your jobs will be making the schedule (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)....

We'll keep a seat saved for you whenever you can make SnB, too, yarnsister.

K8 said...

Congratulations! Where at?

Fay Lynn said...

Good for you!! Yes, be the scheduler!!

Joan said...

Oh shoot, that is a bummer. But looking at the picture positively, it is great that you will be making more money, and it is really close to my house so I can visit you there.

That would be great if you could get lots of Wednesdays off.

I am very happy for you!

teresa said...

Congratulations and good luck!

mehitabel said...

Congrats on the new position, and I hope you will find it very rewarding--professionally and financially! And this will put you close enough so we can all come in and visit--after all, your store has some really neat and addictive products (considering it's not yarn or fabric!) especially for gifts...