Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stitches West, pt. 2 - The Loot

As promised, here's the damage. Served up on a cake plate because it's just as yummy and decadent as any dessert. I had to use my flash, but I think I captured the colors pretty well.

Here we have Socks that Rock. My first purchase. On the left is Lucy in lightweight - it's a beautiful colorway of blue, brown & tan. On the right is Ruby Slippers in heavyweight - I couldn't resist the red tones. And then there was the name. I was sold.

Last year at Stitches I didn't know who Blue Moon Fiber was and had never heard of Socks That Rock. I just remember everyone going crazy at the dinners when they would raffle off their yarn. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. It's worth waiting in a long line.

Next up is Black Water Abbey. On the left is Pink Heather, enough to make myself a sweater. On the right is Wheat, enough to make a sweater for the husband.

The yarn is pretty scratchy, but I think it will soften some after washing. The color choices are gorgeous. I think I stood in their booth for an hour trying to pick a color. I wanted all of them. I predict I'll be buying more of their colorways in the future. This would make a great coat with the right pattern.

This is 4 skeins of Brooks Farm Four Play. The color doesn't have a name, just the number PB7. It's darker than the picture suggests. More of a burgundy red. I'm planning to make Wicked with this.

I love Brooks Farm yarns. I've made a scarf with their Primero and I'm currently knitting the Sahara sweater using their Harmony yarn. It's a pleasure to knit with and the colors are scrumptious.

This was in the fashion show and I really liked it. I started looking at Noro at the Webs booth to see if I could find a color I liked. As if that wouldn't happen. ; )

I found this. It's Kureyon in color 185. And it became an early birthday present from my MIL who never knows what to get me. I keep telling her yarn is always a good idea! She's finally caught on.

I love these colors together!

And finally, (you were probably wondering when it was going to end) I was so inspired by Jane Sowerby who spoke during the Opening Day event and showed every single piece from her lovely book, Victorian Lace Today,

that I bought the book and began a crazed search for lace yarn. This was a surprise. While I admire the beauty of lace knitting, I still held the idea that lace was granny-ish. I know. I know. It's a terrible way to think. And I'm ashamed. We don't like it when knitting is referenced to 'old ladies' and we know that there are women and men of all ages and backgrounds who knit. Why should lace be any different. And while I've been intrigued by lace patterns, I just never thought I would actually wear a lace shawl. Well, Miss Sowerby has changed that! Just like the title of her book, she has shown how Victorian Lace can be modernized and truly fashionable.

And so I bought this:

Three cones of Valley Yarns 2/14 Alpaca Silk from Webs. Colors from left to right are Dark Gray, Dahlia and Black. It's 80% alpaca, 20% silk. Very soft. I can't wait to try it.

Now after reviewing all my new goodies, I want to start knitting them all up! This is why I have Project ADD. I'm lured by the softness and the colors and the patterns...There simply isn't enough time in a day to enjoy all the knitting world has to offer - even if I didn't work. And I need to work so I can afford this addiction I adore.

Happy knitting everyone!

Next, I'll share my favorite purchase from Stitches with you.


Knitting in Pink said...

Very nice loot!

jillian said...

All wonderful selections! You sure know how to pick them.

I know what you mean about lace. I don't think it's the knitting of lace that is necessarily seen as granny-ish, anymore than other knitting is (by others, not by us), but that lace has traditionally been worn by older women. But that can, and should, change. In the right pattern and color, and I not usually a lace girl, I could see making a wearing a lace stole or shawl.

mary said...

Hurray for new yarn in your stash, and knitting ADD!

Madge said...

All your purchases are gorgeous! I, too, am inspired by your yarn, and want you to cast on right away. :)

P.S. Come to the lace dark side. *cackle*

Ellen Bloom said...

NORO 185!! NORO 185!! NORO 185!!
Annette! I just bought a ton of that very color combo! I just love it! I'm working on a side-to-side jacket, also using black. I'll post it one of these days. 185 reminds me of pumpkins, eggplant and celery...yum! What are going to make with it?

teresa said...

Beautiful yarn! Can't wait to see what what purchase you're saving for last....

mehitabel said...

Oooh, you did some good shopping at Stitches! We had such a good time--it's almost as much fun seeing what everyone got, as fondling my own purchases. Note I said "almost" there. I'm itching to get started on some of my projects, but ET's ADD has kicked in and I've now got waaayyyyy too much OTN to start anything new. Doggone it!

Joan said...

What beautiful yarn choices, Annette! I can't wait to see what you make with it all.

Laurie said...

I just ordered some of the alpaca silk from webs and was looking for suggestions as to what to use it for. What did you end up making with yours?