Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stitches West, (Part 1)

You can create these cards here.

I attended Stitches West for my fourth year in a row. For me, the event gets better and better. This year was special because some of my knit sisters were there!

From left to right: Jillian, Madge, Marie, me (sitting) & Mary. I didn't think Stitches could get any better, but it did! It was much more fun having friends there to meet up with.

We had four days of knitting, shopping, taking classes and talking about yarn. Did I mention shopping? We did some major shopping people. When it comes to yarn, we are enablers at their best. Go check out their blogs and you'll see what I mean. At this point, you'll have to scroll back to Feb. I'm a little behind here in the news. Since my life isn't going to get any less busy in the near future, I'll have to post my experience in snippets.

Next up - photos of my loot!


jillian said...

Ahhh, good times. I want one of those margarita's! Loot, loot, loot!

Madge said...

Yay! Visiting with y'all in the SW bar was the best!

Let's see your loot.

mehitabel said...

It was a blast, that's for sure. Many many thanks for helping me make the choice to go!