Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This morning as I was finishing my shower I noticed I was not alone. Something was flitting about here, there and everywhere. Once it stopped to take a rest I could see that it was the worst kind of intruder of all. Especially in a house full of luscious wooly goodness. It was a moth. I quickly picked up the can of shaving cream (my weapon of choice) and in one swift, deft move reminiscent of Bruce Lee.....I smashed him.

Moths are not welcome here. I must protect my stash no matter what. Even if it means resorting to murder.

If you happen to be a moth reading this post, you have been warned. Now... go tell your friends.


Glenna C said...

Good for you! Git those moths good, raaaarrrrr! ::eyes stash::

JollyEwe said...

You get a jury of knitters and you're of Scott free!! Hope there's not some sore of moth revenge thing in the future!!

mary said...

I am so proud of you, defending your little babies like a mother lion! Bruce Lee-like moves? Be still, my heart.

Madge said...

The horror! Glad you foiled that villian from doing his nefarious deeds!

See you Saturday!

JollyEwe said...

OK, since I'm a moron and can't figure out how to respond to your comment on my blog without your email, I will just answer your question here.

I had no problems fling with my metal knit picks options to Arizona. We also flew to Hawaii last year and I had no problems then either. Good luck