Monday, September 03, 2007

Bitten & Smitten

Wow. Where has the time gone? I haven't posted in over a month! Nothing exciting happening here. Just life - work, appointments, homekeeping, etc. But I didn't mean to let so much time go by between posts. I guess since I've only been knitting a little here and there, I haven't felt like I have much to say lately.

But today I have BIG news!

The sock bug has finally bit! A culmination of inspiration gained from Cookie A.'s sock class and my first skein of Sundara's yarn, not to mention the cool socks my friends have made.

I decided to make Pomatomus designed by Cookie A. and available for free at Knitty. I questioned whether this was a good choice since I have never actually finished an adult sock before. Would I be so overwhelmed by the lace pattern, in addition to the sock construction, only to have an abandoned half-finished sock in the bottom of a bag hidden in my spare closet? I worried. Afterall, this has happened before with a very simple sock pattern I began for Jeff a few years ago. It's still there. In a bag. In a bin. Hidden deep where I won't be reminded of my first sock failure. Still. I know it's there.

Cookie recommended choosing a pattern you love and yarn you'll love knitting with. Good advice to keep the knitting inspiration alive. I thought Sundara's Blue Grape Hyacinth colorway would look great in the Pomatomus pattern.

I started a few weeks ago, but only worked on it a little at a time. It isn't very portable because of the chart and the fact that I have to pay attention. I had this holiday weekend off. Jeff and I didn't make any plans. Temperatures have been in the 100s here lately, so we've been holed up inside with the a/c running. I've had lots of time to work on my sock.


I'm now on the foot which is now almost half done. I've really enjoyed the sock process. When I got to the heel flap I didn't want to put it down until I was done. Then I couldn't wait to start the heel. Then the gusset. Now the excitement is over so I'm racing to get to the toe!

I hope to have one finished Pomatomus to show you soon. I better go. The weekend's almost over. Hope you have had a good one!


Knitting in Pink said...

Congratulations! Woohoo! You're knitting socks, and tough ones at that!

Madge said...

Look at you go! You're a sock natural. Your Pomas are beautiful.

Stay cool!

mehitabel said...

Glad you found some knitty inspiration to keep you busy during the long hot weekend! I was not so lucky--my power kept going out and therefore so did I! Maybe once t he cooler weather comes back, huh?

mary said...

Your socks look awesome. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You go, sock girl!