Thursday, April 23, 2009

To be, or not to be...

Last year, my knitting group did a group knit along and made the Lenore socks. I cast on and knit about 1.5 inches and that's as far as I got. Since I love wearing my Pomatomus socks, i.e., my only pair of handknit socks, I decided that this year I want to knit more of them. When I took them out of hiding, one of the needles had partially come out and some of the stitches had come undone. This is a lace pattern, so I figured it would be easier to take it out and start again rather than fixing the lost stitches that entailed yarnovers, k2tog, slipping and passing it over. So I did. Now I have about 2.5 inches and I'm stuck. I can't knit anymore.

Do you want to see what can kill your knitting mojo faster than 1970's scratchiest acrylic in the ugliest color you can imagine?

I had wound this skein into a pretty cake. As I was knitting, it was getting harder and harder to pull the yarn from the center. In an effort to pull out the problem so I can fix it, I had to pull half of the middle out. It's a tangled mess. I don't know if my Lenores are meant to be. sigh

I worked on detangling it for awhile, but then I got frustrated. So I cast on Tulip Baby Cardigan #3 for a friend who's having a baby in May.

Oh, I finished Ingenue, but still have to block it. Hopefully I'll have some FO pics soon.

And because I can't resist. Here are my nephews, taken at the park.

Aren't they cute? They're very sweet boys.

I hope you're knitting is making you happy!


mary said...

So sad about the Lenore yarn. Don't give up on it though b/c my Lenores are my favorite pair. Go and knit some Malabrigo Silky Merino to get your knitting mojo back. That stuff could bring world peace if everybody knit. Your nephews are so beautiful! Can we see baby girl next?

Madge said...

I do not mean to laugh at your pain - because the sting of sock failure isn't happy making - but lordy, this post cracked me up. Bad Lenores. Bad!

I'm so glad you put them back in time out and are knitting on something else. Aaaah, DIC squooshiness. Don'tcha feel better?

What a pair of cuties your nephews are!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your did the right thing, that pattern would be a bugger to fix. I HATE when the yarn tangles! I make my husband untangle it, hehe.

Can't wait to see Ingenue

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Sorry about your yarn- what a pain! I hope the Tulip cardigan is far more satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel your pain with the yarn issues - better for the ball and its knotty entourage to get the boot to some dark place for now. Your feet will let you know when they're ready to demand the renewed effort. ;)

Ooo, Ingenue, yummy.

The nephews are knockouts!