Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Consultation with a Harlot

Last night I had a dream. A very vivid dream. I was on a yarn crawl with a group of people I don't know. Apparently I knew them in my dream, but now that I'm awake, they're strangers to me. So we visit a couple of yarn stores. I remember browsing the shelves and petting the yarn. There was lots of laughter and 'oohing' and 'awing', as there always is on a yarn crawl. I don't think I bought anything though, which is not typical of a yarn crawl. Not for me anyway.

Then we went to an event. I can only surmise that it was a knitting event. Most likely, we were going to hear the Yarn Harlot speak, because I found myself backstage with her while she was getting ready to go on. She was wearing a black strapless cocktail dress that had a full skirt, pretty low heels with pointy tips and a deep red lace stole that she knit herself, of course. I could not tell what the pattern was, or the yarn she used for that matter. It was very pretty though. You'll have to take my word for it. Her hair was very fancy in a simple, yet elegant up-do. Now, if you know anything about the Yarn Harlot, you know this is not a look that she would sport. Still, she looked very pretty. Almost ballerina-esque.

I was telling her about my latest dilemma. She told me to talk fast as she sprayed hairspray on her 'do' and inspected herself in the mirror. I have decided that my next sweater project will be Linden from Twist Collective. I was very excited because I already have yarn in my stash that I've been looking for a pattern for. It's Ella Rae Classic in a slate blue/charcoal grey color. Perfect. Or so I thought. I knit my swatch with US size 8 needles. Not even close to gauge. So I tried size 9. Not close enough. I refuse to go up in size because I won't like the fabric. Even the swatch where I used size 9 was too loose for my liking. Hmm. I told her I was thinking of doubling the yarn and swatching with size 7's or 8's to see if I could get gauge. The problem with that is that I would then need to acquire 3 more skeins of yarn in order to have enough. She laughed. Not at me, more like with me, if I were laughing. More like a, 'I've been in your shoes before my friend, learn from my mistakes' kind of laugh. Then she told me to choose a different yarn. Sigh.

Then I woke up, frustrated because I really want to use this yarn in my stash. I think I'll knit another swatch doubling it, just to see if I could get gauge. I also have some Cascade Pastaza in a yummy chocolate brown in my stash. I think I have enough, so I'll swatch with that too.

In the meantime, I'll finish up my Shetland Triangle shawl. I'm on the 10th pattern repeat for the body. I think I'm going to do 11 before starting the border. Milo was assisting me with the photos. Really, he just loves yarn as much as we do.

I also cast on a holiday gift. The Shifting Sands scarf designed by Grumperina. I needed something to knit in a social setting. I attempted the Shetland in public and wound up exactly back where I started that day. This will be for one of my brother-in-laws. I'm using Manos del Uruguay in color 27.

New projects on the needles, old projects that need to be sewed up, it's getting busy around here. But the best kind of busy! What's new on your needles?


jillian said...

I love it - having dreams that tell you what your next project will be! With the YH! The subconscious at work.

Madge said...

The Yarn Harlot as Oracle is a crack up; I love that she gave you good advice, too. (People in my dreams usually say crazy things like "The cow is blue" or "Don't go near the ice machine" and I'm all "Huh?")

I feel your pain about not getting sweater gauge. Drat. How'd the doubling work out? The Pastaza? Fingers crossed one of 'em works to your satisfaction!

Milo!!! Such a helper. *Scritches* to him and Cooper.

What's new on my needles? Not much, as I'm trying to finish some stuff...only another Tamarind Cowl in black. I'm gearing up to do Cleite from Twist Collective as soon as my Laci arrives from BMFA too, though.

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! The Yarn Harlot wearing a fancy black dress and heels..updo? Hahahaha! She's the most laid back Birkenstock person I can think of. You must send her this post...she'll love it!

At least you're consulting with an EXPERT in your dreams. Sounds like she gave you some good advice!

mary said...

I love your dream! All the rich detail... I never get good stuff in mine like that. I might have that Ella Rae in the color you want. I have 3 or 5 balls of it. Email me the color # and if it's the same, you're welcome to it!

Fay Lynn said...

maybe you could start dreaming for us too. I know, maybe you could become a channeler for the yarn harlot spreading your wisdom throughout the south land!

Good luck with the yarn "swatching".

KnittingBlueContent said...

That's a hilarious dream!