Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yarn Parade! (aka Sundarafest)

Warning: This post has lots of photos.

As promised, I'm sharing my yarn acquisitions purchased during my recent blog hiatus.

But first, I have another FO to share!

Here, Mary and I show off our matching Shedir hats. That's Mary on the left, me on the right. Thanks Madge for taking the photos! : )

Here's a closeup from the back. I love how it turned out.

Project: Shedir hat
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Plum
Needles: Brysoun 16" circulars size US 3
Start: January 15th
End: January 27th

And now....on with the show....

First up - Jeff and I went to Portland last October for the marathon. While we were there, I had to visit at least one yarn shop. I went to Knit Purl which is a very quaint shop in downtown Portland. They have a good variety of yarns to choose from, a beautiful wall of Koigu, a basement where classes are held and the staff was friendly without being overbearing. I didn't purchase a lot, but I did want to bring home some souvenir yarn. On the left is Artyarns Ultramerino 4 in color 139. The colors remind me of a lagoon. And since the colorway has no name, only a number, I think I'll name it Blue Lagoon. On the right is Shi Bui sock yarn in Rust. This was the first time I had seen Shi Bui in person. It has great sqwoosh-factor. Super soft. I'm thinking I'll make a pair of socks for Jeff with this.

Last year I was a member of Sundara's Petals Collection which has now transformed into the Seasons Yarn Club. The Petals Collection consisted of sock yarn. The Seasons Yarn Club is a variety of yarns and colors based on whichever season you choose. I chose autumn. Above is the second to last package from the Petals Collection. It's 100% Superwash Merino in Poppy. I personally have never seen a poppy this color. It's absolutely gorgeous. It's a deep, dark purple. Almost eggplant, but not quite. I might make the Lenore sock pattern out of this.

And last came Magnolia. It reminds me of cotton candy.

Our next float comes from the Seasons Yarn Club. It's 1,000 yards of silk lace. The color is Copper Over Bamboo. I plan on making a shawl or wrap. I'm just not sure which one. There are so many pretty patterns to choose from!

Next came Mossy, another skein of sock yarn.

And last, but not least, Bronzed Sienna, which has various shades of copper and a little brown mixed in. More socks!

I've been very pleased with the colors and quality of Sundara Yarn. I think I will probably sign up for the club again after this session ends. I'm going to pick a different season so that I'll have a new palette of colors. But it wasn't all Sundara.

Last summer I saw a post on the Yarn Harlot, which for some reason I can't link to the particular post, only the month of June. If interested, scroll down to June 5th. Then I saw this on The Panopticon. After months went by, I had a weak moment and followed this link to ThreadBear. Seriously. I couldn't decide which color combinations I like best. And this is what happened:

I was a little out of control! But this Dream in Color yarn is truly dreamy, let me tell ya. And now they have sock yarn....

Finally, I've been thinking about making Rogue for awhile now. As I was browsing on Ravelry one day, I saw a verison I loved made of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed. That was all the inspiration I needed. : )

Are you still with me? Thanks for hanging out. Until next time...


jillian said...

Beautiful Shedir!!

Wow, you really know how to yarn sjop!

Anonymous said...

Love those Shedirs!!

*mouth open and drooling* over your stash enhancement. LOVE,LOVE your Dream in color combos......can't blame you for having to get them all, that yarn is wonderful.

That Yorkshire tweed is gonna be a fantastic Rogue!

amanda said...

Wow, that's a lot of yarn! I love that aran tweed....

mary said...

I love our matching Shedirs! Those yarn colors are incredible! I can't wait to see your baby Dream in Color sweaters. :)

Madge said...

AWESOME yarn scorage. The Sundara is bee-you-tee-full. (may I see it in person sometime?) It's so cute how you now have several Tulips in stash. And Rowan Yorkshire Tweed...mmmm. Tweed.

Yay for Shedir!

mehitabel said...

Gorgeous acquisitions! Hey, maybe we need to do a Tulip-along--I want to make one for the newest granddaughter! Those colors are wonderful. And all your petals...soo nice.

And your Shedir is beautiful! How neat that we are all finishing!