Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No time to knit

In the words of Officer Barbrady from South Park, "Okay people, move along...there's nothing to see here...."

Seriously. With Christmas being 5 days away, there has been no time for knitting chez yarn addict. I'm jonesin' for some yarn and needles! I've even received my state-of-the-art speed-demon Option Needles to cast on Sahara and where are they? In the bag. Taunting me to open them and get started.

I might be able to get a quick fix in before Christmas. I'm really looking forward to the day after. I don't have to work, the festivities will be over and I can knit all day long if I want to!


Anonymous said...

Boy, do I hear the busy part! I guess that's par for the course when you work retail, but it sure makes for a hectic holiday! It will be good to get a little away-to-knit time in afterwards!

Anonymous said...

You are tagged.

So sorry Annette. Ummmm, Merry Christmas!